January 8, 2018

Moana Birthday Party Ideas

Check out these Colorfull and pretty Moana’s Birthday Party that was stylized by Sassy sprinkles cakery from Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺.
  • Moana’s Cake “What a Master Piece”
  • Kakamoras


🎈PARTY TIPS (by Sassy sprinkles cakery): Use a pineapple as a vase, scoop out the centre and add your florals and water!

To make the kakamora’s i used real coconuts and painted their faces on using acrylic paints, as well as modelling clay for the facial features.

Some unique and special things about the party was that the giant shells used were actually given to me by my grandparents, they were treasures they found on a beach in cyprus where they’re from. They are quite special to me so i was very excited to use them on the table.


Party Vendors

Sassy sprinkles cakery: Cakes/desserts/styling/props
Sassy sprinkles cakery: Photography


PLUS: To create the Te Fiti apples the creator of this party have actually written a blog about how to make edible moss to cover the apples, here is the link Sassy sprinkles cakery






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