March 2, 2015

Noah’s Ark Fruit-Salad Centerpiece

This original Noah’s Ark baby shower, definitely is a fresh CENTERPIECE that can be added for your next event. Specially if mom to be is expecting TWINS, or if Mom is decorating the baby’s room with the same theme or maybe just because moms loves animals. Also can be us in a Baptism Celebration by YourThemeParty



  • 1 Watermelon

  • Suggestions: Pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, honeydew, etc.

  • Plasic jungle animals (better to have a par of each animal)

  • Cutter

  • Knife

  • Toothpick


  1. Start by carving out the watermelon. Even if you want a slightly different look for your Noah’s Ark Fruit Salad, this has some essential tips that will save you a lot of grief if you follow them.

  2. Mark and cut a big square on the top of the watermelon (note that the fruit will be the fundation of this part whereas for the rest of the Noah’s Ark you will need to remove the fruit).

  3. Mark and cut right in the middle all-around of the watermelon with the intent to shape the Noah’s Ark.

  4. Mark out a square in the left side for the entrance to the ark and 2 smaller squares in pairs for windows.

  5. Now for the entrance cut out only the left, right and top sides (but not the bottom).

  6. For the windows cut all the sides of the square.

  7. Scoop out the watermelon and transfer it into another container.

  8. Drain out all the juice.

  9. Chop fruit. Chop all the watermelon you got and other fruit you’d like into bite-sized pieces. A salad will look better and be easier to eat if you can keep all the pieces around the same size.

  10. You are almost done!! Place the animals and enjoy this original and healthy salad.


Noah’s Ark Centerpiece Ideas  Your Theme Party

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