November 11, 2017

Phoenix’s Dino Party Ideas

If you are or you have a Dinosaurs Lover at home, then you can’t miss this spectacular celebration.

You will be amaize with the size of this Dinos replica.

This Australian’s Dino Party was organized for a lovely mom and planned every single detail and made by herself almost every corner.



  • Dig Site
  • Laboratory Dig Site
  • Size Dinosaurs (From a Replica museum)
  • Yummy Grazing Platter
  • Gorgeous Cookies
  • The cutest kids personalized tatto





What Mom said: Yep all by myself. It was a lot of work but so much fun.
My highlights were my grazing platter, the best I made from twigs I found in my backyard.
The piñata dinosaur eggs I painted for the kids to stomp open, and my dinosaur lab with fossils, stones and real dinosaur teeth for the kids to look at! Also, obviously, the life size dinosaur replicas really, Topped it all off!                                            

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