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Party Details & Photo Link

Describe every detail about your party! 

Try to answer:

  • Reason of your party Theme          
  • How, why, and what were your motivations?
  • Share your tips
  • Enlist all people credits you would like to thanks and used (such as companies & people), if possible provide their web URL.
  • Venue (example: my backyard)
  • Country, State and City


Party Photos Link

Please upload your party photos to an online album

  • Blog,
  • Dropbox,
  • Flickr,
  • Facebook ,
  • Photo bucket, etc,…
  • And provide the link/URL address to the online album. That way we can get your photos.


Provide good quality photos: Parties with high quality photos show the details and are more likely to be features.

By filling and sending this PARTY FORM, you are giving to YOUR THEME PARTY permission to publish your photos & party details *